Dark Fantasy Browser-Based Online Game

“Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across..” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Welcome to the LegendaryOnes official website. Champions are called to prove their merit on battlefield once again. Play as one of the thousands and become the greatest – The Chosen One. You will experience an exceptional dark fantasy game online where you can personalize your character by outstanding number of 6 races, 18 classes, 93 skills, 33 weapons, 33 armors and 24 different socket gems.

This page serves as an informative source for upcoming browser game LegendaryOnes. Purpose is to create simple, yet deep browser-based game set in dark fantasy medieval age for casual and hardcore gamers. You can check the game details below.

– Jan Zelinka, Founder

How to play


Learn all the basic information you need to know about LegendaryOnes. It's a browser-based fantasy online game focused on PVP, deep character customization, guilds and refreshing gaming experience. This project is made by gamer to gamers!

Creating New Champion

Our creation system allows you to customize your champion before you even start. We have Human Paladins, Dwarven Berserkers, Elven Assassins, Orcish Destroyers, Vampires, Werewolves or Daemonic Barons. Just every badass character you can think of and all with unique skills!

Weapons & Armors

Discover our itemization system that will allow you to strategically plan your character's equipment. Everything works simple and easy.


Your character will be able to learn 24 out of 96 different skills that will define your playstyle. You can build literally anything from tank or damage dealer to assassin with great chance to crit hard!

Socket Gems

Not only you will be able to customize your character by skills, you can also do so by adding socket gems to your equipment with any stats you want. There is no separation between weapon and armor sockets - we offer freedom for your choices!


Vigilance is a unique system that helps preventing repetitive attacks. Every victory above single champion increases Vigilance which decreases looted gold. Players won't have to worry too much about their gold. Games should be fun!


Guilds are exclusive clans granting minor bonuses as it increases in levels by donating Gold or Ambrosia. Guilds rank in leaderboard the same as players. Let the fight for the strongest clan begins!


Quests are another possible way of earning Gold, experience points and acquiring unique items. A player can complete two types of quests - common and unique ones.


We want to connect new and advanced players to improve overall gaming experience. Every age or session will last between 2 and 6 months. After this period we will wipe all characters and all players can start new one from scratch again.

Questions & Answers

Do I have only one champion?
Yes, you control only one character that you build up. There are no armies. Just an army of enemy players you can defeat.
Do I move on the map? Is there city building like in many modern mobile apps?
No. It’s not time consuming at all. You just go to leaderboard, pick enemy player and click attack. Everything is solved automatically.
So what’s my part?
Your part is to choose enemy, attack him, earn Gold, spend Gold for stats, items and distribute skill points.
Can I play this game in school or at work?
Yes, definitely. This game was made to play in these institutions. You can make an attack within seconds.
How long does it take to be able to attack again?
You may need to regenerate your health first, but in general it takes several minutes (in-game timer). Premium accounts can attack more often.
So would I need spend money to play this game? It’s pay to win?
This game is made by gamer, so no, you don’t have to spend a penny. You can pay $4,99 for 30 days of premium account or buy bonuses that cost few dollars as well. Premium members have only slight bonuses. Free members can be easily stronger with some extra work.
How much of repetative action I’d have to make?
You can find enemy champion in one click – we will have a function for that. Otherwise you can look manually. This will repeat. But looking for an enemy is a journey, because every champion is highly unique.
What’s different in this game from competitors?
LegendaryOnes will offer much deeper customization of your champion. You can also pick Race and Class. We will also have more statistics you can improve – damage, critical damage and chance, armor penetration, attack and defense rating, armor ignore, health, health regeneration, dodge, lifesteal, poison chance and damage, bleeding chance and damage etc. This game is focused on character builds from games like Diablo and others.
How can I play the game?
You can’t at this point. We are looking for backers for our crowdfunding campaign. Graphics is ready, but we need developer to code it. You can add your email to the mailing list below and we will notify you when our crowdfunding campaign starts.

In-Game Overview Screen

To give you complete insight into the game we decided to share Overview screen.


LegendaryOnes Overview Game Screen