Important aspect of LegendaryOnes in comparison to other games is that it exists in Ages. Each Age lasts from 2 to 6 months and players can see the countdown during the game. This feature allows us to put all the players together and don’t separate new from those who play the game for years. Another important aspect is that we are not going to separate players among several different servers. LegendaryOnes want to have all the players playing together without any restrictions. These two features should grant refreshing gameplay experience.

At the end of Age we will delete all champions and allow you to create new one. You can build the same champion again or you can try another build path. Since we will watch game closely we believe that there won’t be one universal build that will win above all other builds. Our team will work on balancing all skills between Ages. Some bought premium items or bonuses will be transferred to next Age.

Players can see the countdown (on the left side “Left: 24 days..” during the whole time they are logged in. After this period the game will end and leaderboard saved. First 10 players will earn their place in forum thread.

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