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LegendaryOnes is a dark fantasy, browser-based online game focused on player-versus-player (PVP) action. This game is suitable for casual, but also hardcore players, who want to have fun during breaks in school or at work. It’s just text and pictures based, so you don’t have to pay full attention while playing and you don’t need powerful computer either.

Your very first step is to Create new champion and fight other players. You can pick Race, Class and change your appearance a bit. The aim is to look for other players in Leaderboard, attack them, loot their gold and earn experience and performance points. Gold can buy new equipment, which visually change on your champion. For Experience points your champion advances to new levels which grant you Skill points. These points are used to learn new perks. Finally you also receive performance points which sort players in Leaderboard. It shows your in-game skill. The point is in mechanics which decreases your Performance points amount by certain number every day. Players need to be active to maintain good Performance score. Attacking and dominating stronger players give you more Performance points than attacking weaker opponents.

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There are many strategies and dangerous skills players can use. You need to look for your opponent very carefully. Player isn’t able to change the fight after he clicks to attack. This system allows us to give equivalent chances for attacker and defender in case defending player isn’t online. If you don’t want to fight for a while, you can use Quests and earn unique rewards that aren’t available in PVP fights.

LegendaryOnes also offers very profound customization of your champion. There are 4 main areas of statistics which allow you to improve in many fields. You can focus on critical damage and chance, poison and bleeding damage, armor penetration, armor ignore, damage, defense, attack and defense rating or lifesteal. You can also improve your Weapons and Armors by Socket gems, which add more bonuses to the equipment.

We also added some innovative functions for better game experience. Vigilance system makes every consequent attack against the same champion less effective. It prevents bullying. All items have their own history. It makes the game much more personal, interesting and intense. You can wear Dragon Scales, Wolven Armor, Mythril Plate or Adamandium Armors. Our itemization concept is to offer only champion worthy items that you would actually buy in real life adventure. Don’t expect to start with wooden sword here. Which hero would go in a fight with such a weapon?

We want to have all players playing on one server. The main purpose here is to increase active base of loyal players. To improve this aspect even more we decided to create Ages. It’s a period of time when players can play the game. Let’s say that an Age would be 4 months long. Players can play the game for 4 months. We will adjust experience gain speed to this time period. After 4 months we will wipe all champions and restart the Age. Players can start another champion in new Age. Player can choose different skill path and the gameplay will be completely different with new enemies.

Please note that LegendaryOnes is still in development. We are planning to launch crowdfunding campaign. If you like the concept and would like to be our backer, you can add your email into the box below and we will let you know when the campaign starts.

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