The biggest mistake of modern web and browser-based online games

New online games are being created much more rapidly every year while internet connection is already saturated. Logically speaking there will be more games than players. You can see that only the best games will survive. I played a lot of web games and almost all of them have one mistake in common. They separate new players and those who play for long time. Many new players can end up in “ghost town” because there won’t be any player in range. Most active players are loyal ones who play the game for long time. Old, advanced players have so much higher levels, that new player can’t even reach them. Strategic games that are played on a map are quite the same. You may begin your game in the middle of nowhere but destroyed villages and cities. This design works only in pc strategic games where maps are created in such size that player can get from one side to another in few to several minutes. Web games can’t be treated same way.

In LegendaryOnes we wanted to fix this issue and connect all players together. We will implement two designs that are working towards this idea.

We understand that separating players by language is a good idea. Nothing to say here. But separating players among server 1, server 2, server 3 and so on isn’t really the best idea. Today you can build virtual servers that can be made to withstand such traffic. All players can basically play together. Well, it depends on game design and the way how developers “connect” players together. We “connect” them automatically or they can do the same manually in Leaderboard.

Another issue which is even more serious is that web games have usually no end. What happens here is that players who start to play at day 1 and players who start to play at day 300 will probably never meet in the game. They both operate in different zones of the game. You can’t fight someone who has equipment worth more than you will have in a year. It separates players into groups that can’t play together which is bad game design. We wanted to fix that too. That’s why we came up with something we call “Ages“.

You won’t age playing our game, but you will play in an Age. An Age is an amount of time during which you can play the game. Let’s say 4 months. Players who start after second month still have a chance to play with others because they are not that far ahead. Lower levels are earned much faster than higher levels. This technique allows us to connect all players together so they play the same game. Separating them is not a good idea. It will not only increase overall activity, but also enhance game experience. It has just one disadvantage. You won’t have your champion for more than 4 months. You can build the same one again in new Age or, which is much better, you can build new one. This is probably the best option since we offer so much customization of your champions. Finding the best build among all the possible combinations is almost endless effort. Who knows – maybe you will be the one who finds the Holy Grail among our champions!

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