Creating New Champion

Creating new champion is made simple and easy. You undertake three steps during which you select your Name, Race and Class. Every Race offers different appearance and players are able to slightly modify it to their liking by adding extras like scars, war paints or jewelry.

You can choose from 6 playable Races (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Undead or Daemon). Each Race has 3 different Classes and starting statistics with unique skills. It allows complex customization from the very beginning. LegendaryOnes’ system is designed all around discovering new builds and effective skills combinations.

You will be able to create your champion at the start of each new Age.

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* Starting as a new champion level 1. Race: Undead, Class: Knight

Check complete table of all Races and Classes below:

Human Dwarf Elf
Warrior Berserker Assassin
Paladin Rune Guard Duelist
Cleric Iron Thane Blade Dancer
Orc Undead Daemon
Destroyer Knight Hell Spawn
Brute Nosferatu Baron
Shaman Werewolf Fiend

There are three basic statistics – Strength, Dexterity and Vitality.

Strength increases physical damage you do with your weapon. It slightly increases your chance to hit and also affects other bonuses. Every basic number adds bonuses to much more “hidden” stats that affect your champion. Dexterity has highest impact on chance to hit and critical strikes while Vitality increases your health and damage ignore. Player pays Gold to train one of these three stats. Minor bonuses can be also improved by >u>skills and sockets.

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