Designing a game asset Undead Knight: Concept Art, Illustration

This post is dedicated to demonstration of making concept for our Undead Knight. You can play this champion by selecting Undead as race and Knight as class. This champion has two unique skills. Dead Flesh, which is obtained from Undead trait, giving resistance for Bleeding damage type. After specifying your class as Knight you receive another unique skill – Rotting Aura. This aura gives makes your enemy exhausted and their stamina usage increases which is huge boost in battle. Unique skills can’t be obtained in any way after you start the game. You can be sure that these two perks have only other Undead Knights. Anyway this post should guide you along our process of creating this Knight.

It was designed by Vincent Van Hoof who picked this character for our crowdfunding campaign. We know that a lot of people love to play as undead creatures so we wanted to show you this type of champion first. Our other two classes from this race are Nosferatu and Werewolf. I bet that these two sound even better. I can tell you that we love their skills – lifesteal and partial resistance to physical damage.

We knew we want to create something extraordinary – it has to look somehow different than just another general Undead creature. It should have been something between a skeleton and zombie. We had to respect sizes and colors of the layout graphics of the game since there is more artists who work on LegendaryOnes. Also we had to keep in mind that we need only head and armor – these two layers had to be separated so we can “build” champions in-game. Head layer is at the bottom, armors is at the top. We also wanted proper size of the body which should be heroic which basically means that you want them to have one shoulder optically bigger than other. It’s a leader-style body language position. All these small details were enough to start.

At first the only thing we wanted was to design a figure. Just some basic concept.

This wasn’t the very first result of our work. Do you see that wheel behind his head? This feature was missing in first sketch. We thought that this champion would look too common without some extra feature. We went back and noticed that there were some interesting undead concepts before so we decided to take inspiration from one older turn-based game. It ended by adding such pain wheel. We think that it adds pretty solid asset making it all interesting on whole new level. This armor you see is initial concept for Leather Armor. All players start with this armor at level 1. As you advance you can buy new armors which will change on your champion. You can check such change below. We had to start working on Full Gothic Plate.

LegendaryOnes isn’t fully focused on realistic looking weapons and armors. We want to bring some fantasy too. This armor had to fullfil two things. First it had to have some shoulder part that would fit this armor. We made such spiky plates in decent sizes. Then we had to change plates around champion’s neck so it looks better and more realistic. Some armor parts weren’t consistent so we had to fix it (red lines). We also wanted to make its chest big and somehow interesting. You can see there added decoration lines.


In this stage we started with coloring. Basic colors were added with some shading. There were still some inconsistent parts which needed to be fixed. Shoulder parts also had to be a bit bigger.

Advanced shadows were added. This stage gaves us the most valuable feedback. When you work with an artist you should either give him/her your sketch or you need to insist on implementing all your desired changes before you proceed further. You can see many parts that don’t fit. We needed to get rid of them. Also the part around his neck was still in wrong shape. These two parts must be fixed. Chest decorations were improved and pain wheel received better texture.

Final step was in sign of fixing all issues we addresses in last paragraph. Inconsistent parts were removed and neck part repainted. Although this step wasn’t final we think that you can see the process of making new champion from scratch to life. Even though this Undead won’t be alive again, I guess he’s ready for some skull smashing in LegendaryOnes.

– Jan Zelinka, Founder

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