Digital Concept Art Competition: Fantasy Dwarven Warrior in Heavy Armor

Last time we shown you adjusting concept art of an Undead Knight to final illustration release. Today we will step back and present you the process of finding right artist for your game. This step is one of the most important parts of developing your game, because art is a visual way of connecting players with the game. They don’t see code, they don’t take in mind advertising, they want to look at nice things that bring pleasure. It’s like drinking a wine. For most people it doesn’t matter where it was grown. The only thing that matters is taste. From this reason we need to put a lot of effort into picking the right artist. We chose to showcase you a dwarven warrior.

This character is an evergreen of fantasy world. First you need to take in mind how majority of players imagine the dwarf. You can’t design it very differently, because people would be dissapointed. They know the regular dwarf characteristics like that they aren’t tall, are fat, mine gold, wear heavy armors, use forge and have beard. Dwarf usually lives in mines or underground fortress. They are strong warriors and strict lords. As you probably know we tend to dark fantasy, which is a fantasy world with horror characteristics. More important we picture it as more realistic fantasy. This is huge difference from usual fantasy. So it also should picture into the design of our Dwarven race.

All art in has to be – legendary. We are not interested in mediocre art. Games in general should be made by the finest artists, designers and architects to produce truly amazing adventure for players. You should take this in mind too when you plan and design a game.

Let’s get back to the point. We published an ad asking for an artist who has proven experience with painting fantasy character portraits and armors. We received around 30 responses where most of them were out of our desired style. You may politely communicate that you are grateful for their entry, but the style you are looking for is slightly different. There is thousands of artists and thousands of styles we need to differentiate. We wanted to know what happens when you actually give a chance to the artist who applies for a job outside his or her specialty.

This image was shared in an ad to give them example of the style we need for the game.

browser online dark fantasy game

It gives your everything you need to know as an artist. We assigned a test image for few artists to see the result. Some of them were denied at the beginning, five of them got their chance. First I’d like to showcase some of the works that we received that didn’t make it to the final stage.

You can see that all the works are very different from the style we need. From this reason you always should ask for a test, before you assign a job.

Next we share winning paint.

You can see the difference. This dwarf totally fits in the dark fantasy world. Such characters have very different appearance. The most important part are eyes. They should be covered in darkness. Another important part, which isn’t visible on this image, is light. Borders of character should be darker. Highlighting only center areas. It gives the character very mystical look. Lines are sharp. This technique will distinguish the art from all other works.

We chose the last image. This picture will be base picture for future works on Dwarf character. I will share adjusting this image to final release as well. These study cases can be used as an example when either finding new artist for your project or creating in-house art. You always stick with one style to offer united and undisturbing graphics.

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