Guilds are one of the most important multiplayer aspects of every modern game. We offer guilds creation and their ranking. Joining a guild is conditional upon ownership of Premium account. We want to make guild members as important as honorable Lords from wealthy and reputable family in medieval ages. Guild can be created by any premium player. You can add name and assign 1 of 30 banners. Players need to ask whether they can join a guild. As a guild owner you want to command active players. These people will be your knights who receive bonuses from your guild. Members can donate amounts of Gold to supply their Guild.

Members increases Guild’s performance level as they increase their own. This number helps to sort Guilds in Leaderboard. You can regularly check your performance in comparison to other clans.

Being a Guild member is an honor. You not only fight for your clan, you also donate your hard-earned Gold to your leader who spends it on various buildings. These buildings grant bonuses to all Guild members. Some buildings might be common, other are rare. There might be unique quest that allows building certain structures. All these mysteries can be unhidden only by players themselves.

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