How did I come up with making my own game

There’s a lot of people who would like to make games. You can see how much applications is released every day for mobiles. Plenty of desktop games appear on Steam every day as well. Sometimes I ask myself whether there is also enough players, because it seems that everyone wants to have own game. I don’t say it’s wrong, I just worry about the market. I belong among those enthusiastic people too. I always knew I want to make something great that gamers will love. Let’s start from the beginning.

This entire project is run by single person. It wasn’t just like that. I knew I can add something to the world in this area since I was a child. It begun with drawing and building blocks. I pretended myself playing Diablo 1. I was building dungeons, maintaining inventory and killing enemies like this skeleton below to gain experience. I was like 10 years old!

Since then I knew I want to make games. It made me easier to decide which high school should I attend. I went to private IT school. I learned there that Internet will rule the world in the coming decades so I started to realize that I should make online games. I tried to make some with my friends, but they didn’t have discipline and nothing happened. That’s the time when you realize you’re alone in it. Sometimes it’s advantage, because you also realize that you can hire people and they will make what you want to make. It’s risky, but you need to take risks to achieve something.

By the way, this was my first game for Apple mobile phone. I wanted to make it cute, but… ehm.


When I was on college I started with websites. I made them just to earn money. All these money went to LegendaryOnes (at least part of them). I did the layout graphics, skill icons, game logic and other stuff. Then I hired artists who worked on character and item concepts. It took me several years to get to this point. The only thing we need to continue is more money so I can afford programmer. Until then I am going to work on marketing a little bit. I wanted to create game that is easy to play. You can play at work, at school or between movie breaks. There were few similar games, but none of them was for my complete liking. So I decided to create my own.

You can read LegendaryOne’s basics in Overview. I really hope you will like it and we will see in the game!

– Jan Zelinka, Founder LegendaryOnes

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