Weapons & Armors

Every player can buy weapons and armors for either Gold or Ambrosia (premium currency). We wanted to make new items available at every level so players can frequently buy new equipment. You can pick proper equipment by its statistics as damage, stamina drain or critical hit chance. Players can modify every item by up to 6 sockets gems. These gems can add literally any available statistics in the game. Player can build his or her champion in any way with no restriction.

We wanted to stick with regular items logic. Higher levels offer stronger items for higher cost. This is a logical progress which is fine, but we wanted to move further. Do you remember when you played a certain game and it unlocks something like wooden sword at level 1? We don’t perceive that this is a way any hero would move on. LegendaryOnes offers decent weapons and armors since level 1. You can look forward for Adamantium, Mithryl, Dragon or Full Plate Armors. We have also added fascinating stories, which you can see at the right side of every item. These stories should make each item more personal and improve the overall game sensation.

All players start at level 1 with Leather Armor. We think that this is a sufficient defense that in a real world would hero go for before he buys his first Gothic Armor (mid-level armor) or similar type of defense item. Lower level items can only have few gems inserted into its sockets. This number increases as level of items increases.

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