How to Prevent Repetative Attacks (Bullying) in Online Games

There is many flaws that come in game design. It seems like game designers are the only professionals in gaming industry who don’t learn from past experiences. Graphics become better, developers have to write much more optimalized code and musicians can’t rely only on just some music – it must be new and exciting everytime you hear it. Those who left are people whos job is to put everything on paper, let’s call them game architects. They are the most important persons in the whole chain, because all other teams take their work and develop this idea into something more complete.

One of the problems that repeat in many browser or web-based games is that designers don’t think about those players who don’t play often and keep all their looted resources. Most games offer their players some kind of way how to deal with it. For example you can buy weapons from blacksmith and then sell them for half the price. But is it really what players want to do in a game?

At first you need work with the amount of Gold, time or any other resource that players need in certain situations during the game. Many companies, including the biggest players in the field, don’t properly set these targets. It’s either too expensive or too cheap. This mistake leads to another problem that can be presented as bullying.

When casual player need to save up lot of resources, he/she has to play for a long time. Many people don’t want to spend their resources for 50 % of its price, because in simple logic it means that they will have to save double of that amount. The result is that player will keep all his Gold. When hardcore players find it out, they will grill him overnight. Next day, when our player wakes up, he/she will see that his character is plundered and frustrated. Game designer’s job is to allow both parties to win. We wanted to change this in LegendaryOnes and we did. Here is how.

We present you the Vigilance system. It is one of our improvements that should prevent bullying and repetative attacks. Simple put it decreases amount of looted Gold for attacking player. The more others attack you, the less they loot from you. After few attack you are almost impenetrable and your hard-earned Gold won’t dissepear overnight. We still have to reward attackers for being able to find and defeat you, so there is no negative bonus at first attack, but it comes with second and so on. After forth lost fight you are almost perfectly safe.

We implemented this change to reduce frustration from the game since LegendaryOnes is about fighting and saving Gold. We still wanted to keep the old-school technique of buying items from blacksmith and selling it back for half of the price. It stays, so you can practise it here as well.

To answer the given question of preventing repetative attacks we can offer this answer. Implement such technique that decreases every consequent attack or increases threat for attacker. You need to keep in mind that you have to show to all players that they will have to deal with more dangerous defender because of this. In LegendaryOnes we use Vigilance indicators. These indicators are found in Leaderboard next to the player’s name and on every champion’s profile screen. It immediatelly says to potential attacker how much Gold he/she can possibly loot. Player can decide literally in one second whether to attack or not.

Vigilance System LegendaryOnes
Let’s have a look on this picture. It can be found on champion’s overview. You can see that when you hover with your mouse on that right red number you see this hint screen telling you Vigilance level of your enemy. You can immediatelly say that this fight won’t give you any Gold, because you will loot 80 % less Gold from this champion.

Check Leaderboard and notice colorful indicators left from players names.

Players Leaderboard LegendaryOnes

When looking for your target you don’t have to click individually every player. You can see the same information in right Leaderboard. You can see yellow to red colors that are between Level and Player column. Yellow means that you will receive around 50 % of possible looted Gold. You would get even more if this color would be green. That means 100 % of possible looted Gold. This little thing perfectly solves decision making during your raids.

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