Main purpose of this game is to find another player and attack him. When you have no time or you are just not in a mood of looking for an enemy, you can pick a quest. There are two types. Common and unique quests. Your reward for completing a quest may vary from Gold, Ambrosia, Experience points, unique weapons or armors to premium bonuses. Some of these rewards can’t be obtained from fights while others can’t be obtained from Quests – like Performance points. Every quest takes some time to complete. A player doesn’t have to do anything apart from just waiting. At the end of the countdown you can choose your reward.

Slay a Gryphon

There are 6 common quests in total. All these quests can be completed repeatedly during an Age. Rewards here aren’t that high and most countdown times are pretty low (from 5 minutes to 20 hours). Unique quests are much more interesting. It can be completed only once every Age. There is also only one available unique quest at a time. A player can see two upcoming unique quests as on the picture above (shaded icons). One of them will be selected and available for taking. These rewards are much more valuable. You can find rare items that are stronger than those you can buy for Gold. We also plan to add legendary items with awesome bonuses like Eternal, which will bound to the player so he/she can’t lose that item even at the end of the Age.

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