Socket Gems

After skills are socket gems the most important part of champion customization. Not only player can choose which weapon or armor to use, but you can also choose its bonuses by adding them into your items. Player can also buy several same weapons, rename them and add different bonuses against different enemies. There are plenty of strategies which can be used – lifestealing weapons, armor-penetrating, or just stacking health with all your items to withstand any enemy.

There are three basic types of socket gems (offensive, defensive and utility).

Each gem can be inserted into weapon’s or armor’s empty socket. Items can have up to 6 socket gems inserted. It means that you have 12 possible choices (6 from weapon and 6 from armor) for different bonuses just from your equipment. You can pick any bonus you want. For example, you can add damage gems into armor’s sockets. Below you can see Royal Claymore with 6 inserted sockets.

Each gem costs in-game currency – Gold. It can be looted from other players by attacking them or by completing quests. Basic socket gems can be slightly improved by paying premium currency – Ambrosia. As we are gamers as well we don’t want to make this browser game pay-to-win. Premium items and gems have only slightly better statistics than regular items.

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