The main problem of many browser-based or mobile games is in time when you don’t play. Our experience portrays something like this, “I feared the moment I log out and go to school or work. I knew that my hard-earned Gold might be looted by someone else in single attack.” We wanted to get rid of this stressful aspect so we implemented new and unique mechanics.

Successful attack against an enemy player grants 25% of defender’s Gold. Every defending battle grants to defender additional 8% Vigilance up to 80%. Vigilance on such level decreases those 25% by 80% to 5%. It means that player who had been attacked 10 times looses only 5% of Gold in each consequent lost battle. Vigilance level returns to default by performing actions like taking quests, attacking other players or changing equipment.

You can also see Vigilance indicator while searching for new target in leaderboard. Notice yellow, orange and red bars next to the players name.


When this bar is green you can be certain that you will receive full loot. If the colors go from orange to red, you will loot less and less. We hope that our Vigilance system will help with frustration of repetitive attacks and players will enjoy LegendaryOnes more than any other game.

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