Website complete! Now it’s time for crowdfunding campaign

We have completed this website with basic informations about LegendaryOnes. You can check six main features in Overview menu tab. Just quick links:

Now we are ready for blogging about our game, development struggles, notes about game design and other interesting stuff we went and go through while designing and working on this game. Main purpose of this campaign is marketing. We need to obtain at least 1000 email subscribers before we start our Crowdfunding campaign. Our team will frequently update our blog with new articles that can not only tell you more about the game, but also educate you in game design. It is said that those who doesn’t make mistake can’t learn anything new and we have to agree with that. You can ask any questions and I guarantee that we will answer. It’s really amazing to create something new that people like and that’s what we want to do. We need your feedback so we know what do you want to improve. We are gamers as well so we think we know what you want. But you can’t speak for everyone so we are open for discussion. Everyone has impact on progress in this game and we will take all your ideas in consideration.

We are looking forward to play with you. If you like LegendaryOnes then don’t forget to add your email to our list. You can find it in the box in right sidebar or in footer.

BONUS: This is art did as first Human Warrior concept. Do you recognize where we took our inspiration? Click here to find out (IMDB link).

Human Warrior Concept LegendaryOnes

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